A pandemic silver lining success story - the making of a global content creation business

Updated: Mar 3

At the beginning of the pandemic, Daniel and David Hulett, like many college students, were sent home for college. For them, that meant college life transformed to being holed-up in their parent's basement. Out of boredom and curiosity, they started doing trick shots…. like launching a ping pong ball into the other brother’s water cup. Fast forward to today, they leveraged this trick shot hobby into a global, multi-platform, content creation business. Their content has been viewed BILLIONS of times by their global audience. They have collaborated with big sports brands, like ESPN and Sports Illustrated. They have done sponsorship deals with big consumer products and media brands, like SunnyD, Oreo, Doritos, The Cube, TBS, YouTube, and Warner Bros. They regularly feature content on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Their parents are being supportive. When asked, their parents do help them with their back office, especially helping them negotiate deals, write contracts, etc.

Daniel, 23, recently graduated from Christopher Newport University and is pursuing this full-time. David, a 20-year-old James Madison University junior, is pursuing their business as much as possible after studying. Their company is called DnD Hulett.

Daniel and David both have business-related majors. Their enterprise is an innovative and high-impact way for them to leverage their business knowledge. Also, it is especially effective because their business is fun and they love being together. Daniel said:

“I absolutely love being with my brother, he is one of my best friends. Plus, we have different skills that help make our business run well.”

Without the pandemic, this amazing opportunity would likely not have revealed itself.

Their parents say they were lucky, but not why you may think.

In the article Success Pillars, as featured on The Curiosity Vine, the author concludes that:

"Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet with energetic pursuit."

For Daniel and David, we could not agree more...They bring preparation, opportunity, and energy by the truckload!


For more information on DnD Hulett, please see their platform channels:

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