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The Econ Connections Journey Starts Here!

Welcome to our economic journey!


Please welcome Bill Knudson. Bill is a brilliant economist, Fed watcher, real estate investor, and family man. Bill and I go way back. Our back story is, Bill and I worked together when I led a mortgage and consumer lending business for what is now Wells Fargo. He had responsibility for our pricing desk and market analytics team. Fast forward to today, Bill is a semi-retired super-smart fellow. I feel lucky to work with him again, now as a TCV contributor.


Bill is a markets-focused macro person. He sees the big picture. He intuitively connects the dots between and makes sense of big-picture macroeconomic questions. On the other hand, I’m a Behavioral economics-based micro person. I see the little picture. I love neuroscience, behavioral psychology, hypothesis testing, and their connections to economics. Together we aspire to be the full Econ package.


This journey is different from the other TCV journeys. We are going to be a little all over the place. You can blame me for that. While Bill will be disciplined and focused on current macro-oriented events, especially involving the Federal Reserve, I will be diving down a few Behavioral economics-related rabbit holes.


We hope you enjoy it!

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