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Your Personal Finance Journey Starts Here!

Financial success is the long-term outcome of a series of small but optimized financial decisions. The challenge is, you often don’t realize financial success until after you make all those small financial decisions. Behavioral economists cite decisions lacking salience—whether personal finance or anything else—as significant impediments to reaching long-term success.  Decision-making is about forging good choices; these choices include trade-offs and even may go against popular opinion. In this guide, I’ll show you how to make frequent good decisions to drive your long-term success.


The good news is that with a little preparation, your financial success is very achievable. Your road to personal finance success is about personal discipline and broadly applying personal finance concepts to your life. Your ability to manage your emotions, stay focused, and be disciplined is the key to victory. It has little to do with your knowledge of business, math, or trading strategy. In other words, knowing yourself, being patient and persistent, and applying discipline will power your long-term wealth.


You’ve got this!

Paper Abstract

The Stoic's Arbitrage: Your Personal Finance Journey Guide


Core Concepts

1. Our Brain Model

2. Curiosity Exploration - An evolutionary approach to lifelong learning

3. Changing Our Mind

4. Information curation in a world drowning in data noise


Making the money!

5. Career choices - They kept asking about what I wanted to do with my life, but what if I don't know? - Part 1

6. Career choices - They kept asking about what I wanted to do with my life, but what if I don't know? - Part 2

7. Career success - Success Pillars - A Life Journey Foundation

8. Career choices - Do I need to be a Data Scientist in an AI-enabled world?

9. Career choices - Diamonds In The Rough - A perspective on making high-impact college hires


Spending the money!

10. Budgeting - Budgeting like a stoic

11. Home Buying - Homeownership is an important wealth-building platform

12. Car Buying - Cutting through complexity: A car buying approach

13. College choice - The College Decision - Framework and tools for investing in your future

14. College choice - College Success!

15. College choice - How to make money in Student Lending

16. Event spending - Wedding and event planning guiding principle


Investing the money!

17. Investment thoughts for my children

18. Our Investment Barbell Strategy

19. Using the Stoic's Arbitrage to choose a great investment advisor

10. Anatomy of a "pump and dump" scheme

21. The Time Value of Money Benefits the Young

22. How Would You Short The Internet?


Pulling it together!

23. Capstone - The Stoic’s Arbitrage: A survival guide for modern consumer finance products

The Personal Finance Journey Starts Here!

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