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The College Journey Starts Here!

The College Journey and Beyond is an article series for overcoming college challenges and getting the most out of your college experience. The College Journey will help you clarify the path to making the best college decision. We also discuss transitioning from college and building a strong career foundation. The transition from adolescence to adulthood involves multiple decisions. Our articles provide insights and tools to help you make the best decisions!

Our articles are written and curated by personal finance, college recruiting, college coaching, and career experts. Our series is divided into 4 sections, roughly based on life stages:

  1. Foundation

  2. High School Student

  3. College Student

  4. Career Foundation and beyond

The College Journey series is practical. Our objective is to help you navigate a not always clear college system. Our goal is to help you graduate, with as little debt as practical, with a useful major, a strong GPA signal, and with a good career direction. These articles are "bite-sized." You may read them in order, like a curriculum. Alternatively, individual articles may be read when needed. Each article is self-contained.


We wish you the very best. You Can Do It!

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