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The U.S. Capitol attack was a wake-up call. This brought into question the power of social media, how our brains may be unknowingly influenced, and how the electorate’s voting power has been slowly ceded to political parties.

Our vote strengthening journey addresses the following questions:

  • Do you wonder how the January 6th, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol was a symptom of a much deeper problem?

  • Do you wonder how our political system could change to address the problem?

  • Do you wonder what the Founding Generation would think of our current political system?

  • Do you wonder how social media distorts our political system?

  • Do you wonder how our own brains contribute to the problem?

Via science, technology, business strategy, and historical context; this journey “connects the dots" on these questions. It provides specific actions each of us may take for positive change! The article considers the Capitol attack as a symptom of something much deeper. We provide several core underlying causes and potential solutions. Our main solution involves strengthening our vote. This journey begins with the “Your vote does not matter as much as it should!” article. It then provides resources to dig into understanding and solutions.

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