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Jeff Hulett

Curator, The Curiosity Vine
Stay Curious.


The Curiosity Vine is an idea incubator.


Our contributors have experience and interest in a variety of high-impact topics, such as science, technology, conservation, mathematics, data science, public policy, economics, and others.  Our objective is to promote early-stage ideas, enable idea collaboration, and test idea purchase.




TCV platform is curated by Jeff Hulett. 

"Walt Whittman said, 'Be curious, not judgmental.'  Great ideas are all around us.  TCV's mission is to help us explore our amazing curiosity and achieve curiosity-enabled outcomes!"  


TCV's ideas are used to provide seminars, write books, build businesses, and especially to help people.

So take a look around the site, feel free to ask or answer your own questions, and enjoy your own curiosity exploration!

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