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Weddings and big event decisions - Article and decision support app

Wedding and event planning:

Decision-making approaches and solutions

Big events like weddings are best planned by starting with a single decision principle. In our article, we provide an anchoring principle to help you make important tradeoff decisions, about venues, locations, food, participants, and the many elements of a great event!

Our article shows you how to use Definitive Choice as your confidence-building decision concierge. As you walk through research and other essential event-planning steps, Definitive Choice will be with you. Use Definitive Choice to record key decision information, judgments, and ultimately provide the best event decision recommendations. We provide a way to include your decision-making team. We provide a way to receive valuable decision feedback without giving up any decision agency!

Our article provides sample criteria to help you make the best event decisions. These are criteria provided by experts, though you may certainly add or subtract criteria as needed. Finally, we show you the long-term financial tradeoffs of different event expense sizes. Spoiler Alert! Focusing on the all-important event principle today provides big value in the future!

The Definitive Choice decision series is curated by Jeff Hulett. Jeff is a behavioral economist and a decision scientist. He is a personal finance professor at James Madison University and holds advanced degrees in finance, mathematics, and economics

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