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The Empty Spot - A Buddhist “Emptiness” Metaphor

Updated: Mar 2

Imagine all the people you know, and the different elements of your environment are pieces of a mosaic. The pieces start in a jar near an empty canvas. The canvas represents the entire scope of your life. All the things that make you "you" will be found somewhere on that canvas. Over time, those pieces get poured out of the jar and fall, some haphazardly and some with purpose, to affect that canvas. But unlike paint, the pieces never dry to become fixed. Your life’s mosaic pieces change – some slowly and some more rapidly. The jumble of moving pieces of your life leaves an empty spot in the middle of the canvas. That empty, ever-changing spot is you.

About the author:  Jeff Hulett is a career banker, data scientist, behavioral economist, and choice architect. Jeff has held banking and consulting leadership roles at Wells Fargo, Citibank, KPMG, and IBM. Today, Jeff is an executive with the Definitive Companies. He teaches personal finance at James Madison University and provides personal finance seminars. Check out his new book -- Making Choices, Making Money: Your Guide to Making Confident Financial Decisions -- at

See emptiness in action:

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