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Feedback: 'A Content Creator Investment Thesis'

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

Please see our investment thesis:

A Content Creator Investment Thesis - How Disruption, AI, and Growth Create Opportunity

Hulett Brothers seeks feedback on the "Seed and Scale Content Creator Investment Fund" investment thesis. After a round of feedback, we will provide a pitch deck to qualified investors.

For interested investors, please provide feedback on the thesis. You may use the following multiple-choice prompts to help structure your feedback. Please email your feedback to:


Thesis feedback prompts:

1. What is your first impression of the thesis?

  1. Looks solid. With some investment, I can see a path to a strong investment return. I look forward to the pitch!

  2. Not Sure. My first impression is the pros and cons are evenly weighted. A pitch makes sense. Next are some thoughts on the pros and cons.

  3. Dubious. I’ve been involved in similar opportunities, they fail more often than succeed. Not sure a pitch makes sense.

  4. Not my area. I am too far out of my comfort zone. Too many unknowns for me to get my head around a first impression. A pitch would be helpful to learn more.

Comments / Clarifications:

2. How important is having a successful content creator such as Hulett Brothers be the managing member? That is – a managing member is very involved in selecting, overseeing, and mentoring the content creator portfolio.

  1. Incredibly important, this only works with the Hulett Brothers.

  2. Important to have a proven content creator to manage the creator portfolio but does not have to the Hulett Brothers. There are many, well-known, managing member substitutes.

  3. Not so important, a professional social media agent or company could manage on a fee basis. This is not a big strategic driver.

  4. I do not think we need a managing member. We can just hire a low-cost administrator.

Comments / Clarifications:

3. How defensible is this thesis?

  1. Very – there are many barriers to entry, especially the time it takes to build content creation expertise. Also, the advertising revenue pie is expanding so fast, the need to harvest is much greater than the need to defend.

  2. Somewhat – It takes time to build the necessary expertise, but that time can be accelerated. There do not appear to be many other barriers to entry. I think the need to defend is higher than the need to harvest.

  3. Not very – Anyone can really do this, it is a matter of time before smaller investors get squeezed out.

Comments / Clarifications:

4. What are your thoughts on the Lambda and the revenue-per-follower business model framework?

  1. The model makes sense, there is some needed fine-tuning, but it seems like the right approach. I would like a pitch deck with estimates built around this model.

  2. Model is one of many drivers... I would like to see a pitch deck with estimates built around this model, but with some additional drivers considered (please provide suggestions next)

  3. The model is not so relevant.

Comments / Clarifications:

5. What are the biggest risks you see?

  1. You captured most of the risks throughout the document, I cannot think of many more.

  2. Next are some additional risks you should consider:

Comments / Clarifications:

6. Do you have any comments on the “Social Responsibility” narrative?

  1. Glad you are considering this and have already thought deeply about how to manage AI social responsibility. I agree it should be an anchoring business criterion.

  2. I’m a “Buyer Beware / Invisible hand” kinda person. As long as it is legal, any additional interference is counterproductive.

  3. The AI social responsibility concern is massive and I am concerned as to whether this can be properly managed.

Comments / Clarifications:

7. What other comments do you have?

Comments / Clarifications:

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