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Connection between Carl Jung / Meyers Briggs and the functional operation of the cerebral cortex

Connection between Carl Jung / Meyers Briggs and the functional operation of the cerebral cortex hemispheres:

Inspired by Jill Bolte Taylor’s “My Stroke of Insight

After taking multiple Meyers Briggs personality tests, I am considered an INTJ.

Thus, I am naturally iNtuitive, able to see the big picture via my right hemisphere. I like to see how the world is interconnected. I am very much a top down learner, needing to understand the big picture to provide context to the details. I am comfortable in the dynamic chaos of the world and am confident in its connectivity. I like to rely on others to communicate the details in a manner so I can confirm / adapt the big picture. I am open to diving into the details, but only as a tool for understanding. (I.e., details as a means to an end, not an end in itself) I like to test and am thrilled when new insights are discovered. Data science is a great tool to help me understand deep patterns and causality. I am often slow to draw conclusions, wanting to collect data, confirm understanding, and connect the dots between disparate disciplines. I am comfortable living in the uncertainty to allow time to process and collect information.

I am also Judgemental, in how I extravert to others. I love to discuss what I know and help solve problems. I am able to make connections and draw conclusions that may surprise others. I like to be organized and drive to a conclusion. Once a decision is made, I won’t second guess myself as I am confident the best decision was made given the available information at the time. Socially, I generally dont like small talk and find it a waste of time. Though, as Ive aged, I have learned to tolerate it and even have fun with it. (Like an anthropologist)

Thus, my intuitive approach to learning is an input via my right brain and my judgemental approach to communication is an output via my left brain. My corpus collosum is the great connector, the highway between my hemispheres.

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