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When trust and fun run through a content creation business

Daniel and David Hulett are content creators. During the pandemic, they started a business called Hulett Brothers.

When Daniel turned 25, he had to pay off a bet he made to his younger brother by 2 years, David.

The bet was made in their early teens. Daniel had hit his growth spurt and he was significantly taller than his still little, prepubescent brother, David.  Their Dad said: "I remember well Daniel making this bet. The bet was simple, if Daniel is taller than David when Daniel turns 25, David owes Daniel $100. If not Daniel owes David $100." David and Daniel were hyper-competitive in their early teens... as they still are today. The bet was a big deal at the time. Daniel said $100 felt like riches to both of them. Their Dad said 2 things to them:

  1. $100 is a lot of money. If you do not win, it still must be paid.

  2. It is a bad bet for Daniel. I knew this because I had their pediatrician's growth charts showing David on a track to 6-4 and Daniel on track to 6-0 as adults.

Fast forward to today, the pediatrician was correct. David is now 6-3 and Daniel is 6-0. They are both done growing.

Daniel just turned 25 and he made a special presentation of the bet payoff. David and Daniel have a special relationship. They are both entrepreneurs and innovators. Their business is going well and is growing quickly. They both have the right mindset and support each other. Most importantly, they trust each other completely, even by small gestures like paying off a bet over 10 years old. David was completely surprised when Daniel presented the $100 plaque. Daniel demonstrates the kind of leadership you would expect of a former college soccer team captain and now co-president of their content creation company.

Their trust and love for each other is a core enabler for their business success.

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