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Political Disclosure

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

The Curiosity Vine (“TCV”), as a rule, is politically independent. With that said, TCV does periodically write about political issues, generally at the political system level. TCV encourages contributors to fully engage in their political system, as is their right and responsibility.

TCV encourages those TCV contributors that write about politics to provide a political disclosure.

Jeff Hulett - United States

Presidential voting - since my age of majority, I voted for Republican and Democrat affiliated candidates. I am not a registered political party member.

Political Philosophy - Self described Moderate Conservative.

From a business standpoint, I believe businesses should be enabled to optimize building value in the environment of their key stakeholders, such as the owner / shareholder, the employee, the customer, and the community. I believe government regulation should be in the context of guardrails. Guardrails should be 1) clear and sufficiently specific to enable a level competitive playing field, 2) consistently enforced, and 3) only those necessary to meet the needs of the electorate.

From a social standpoint, I believe the government has a role to support and protect the electorate. This includes safety net social programs to support those transitioning employment, health, shelter, education or other socially important priorities. Generally, I believe people are happiest when they are able to live a self supporting life, with government providing for safety net contingencies.

From an education standpoint, I believe investing in education, both for the young and as a lifelong endeavor, is critical to our county’s prosperity. Government has a role to provide educational resources. Educational resource goals should encourage educational attainment and benefit both the individual and society at large.

Industry groups and political activity - As a long time active member of the Financial Services industry, I am or have been active in the following industry groups:

  • American Bankers Association

  • Consumer Bankers Association

  • Mortgage Bankers Association

  • Risk Management Association

My role in these organizations has been one of education and business networking. These organizations do have some level of political action involvement. I have not been involved in industry political action.

Charitable Contribution Strategy - My wife and I are active in our community. The majority of our charitable contributions go to Cornerstones, a local charitable organization. We regularly give to Virginia public universities to support their education mission. We also periodically give to charitable organizations supported by children of our local community.

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