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MBA quotes / paraphrase 

1. Need to truly change the process to adopt to automation. Stop adapting automation to the current process. 

2.Bring people along, create dual process of old and new process to give people time to adapt

Tammy Richards, loandepot

Agile - Leaders need to let go and let their people be successful - Leaders need to trust their people to make good decisions. 

Tim Mayopolous, Blend

RPA Companies:

UI Path, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere. 

RPA Progression - changing the process as the RPA matures to drive efficiency (6 sigma)

Gabe Minton

2019 MBA Conference Thoughts....the Mortgage Automation journey:

I attended several automation related sessions, here is a “greatest hits” remix from the speaker’s comments:

1. For your people, the automation journey has 2 emotional roads 1) it is exciting and fulfilling to do more interesting work, letting automation pickup the boring stuff. 2) I’m worried about losing my job to automation!  What should I do?  ...... Be prepared for construction on both roadways . 

2.Bringing people along can include creating dual processes (current and newly automated). This will allow people time and encouragement to adjust to the automation. 

3.We need to do a better job at changing the current process to adapt to automation. We need to reduce making automation adapt to our current process. 

4.Truly agile leaders need to let go of being involved in every decision. Trust your people to make decisions. That is why you hired them and is necessary for innovation. 

5.The partnership between IT and the business is super critical. While automation can reduce time and business costs, there will be new recources needed to maintain the automation.  Moral of the story: Don’t book the save until you talk to IT. 

6.Document capture and data ingestion is the most obvious automation use case today for using both RPA and AI / ML for mortgage process automation. 

Thanks to all the speakers for their time and excellent preparation.

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