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How Robo-advisors work

Last week we met Bob – Bob is a lot like you.  Bob wants to do well with his finances – but needs some help to get on the right track.  Last week, we showed how Bob uses the Investment Barbell Strategy.  We showed how time, diversification, and volatility work together to help Bob – and you – get on and stay on the best financial track.

Today, we will dig into some of the essential aspects of Robo-advisors to help you get started.

But first - My name is Jeff Hulett, I am a decision confidence builder.  I am a behavioral economist and have been in banking and financial services most of my career.  I am also a faculty member at James Madison University, and I lead Personal Finance Reimagined – a decision-making and financial education platform.

I admit, this story about Bob is only a starting point.  You can learn more and get access to our decision apps by picking up my book.  You can find Making Choices, Making Money on the Personal Finance Reimagined website or on Amazon.


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