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How not to be your own worst enemy!

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

An introduction to the Investment Barbell Strategy and managing your financial life.

We will discuss maximizing wealth for those not wealthy yet – but who would like help getting wealthy.

The approach to managing your financial life:

  • Set up investment barbell strategy (“IBS”) with common fintech and decision tools.

  • Integrate IBS into your life with appropriate information sharing.

  • Regular reviews to explore progress against the IBS and make adjustment recommendations

  • Make periodic banking and financial changes.

  • Read my book - Making Choices, Making Money, Your Guide to Confident Financial Decisions.

  • Enrollment in the monthly “Decisions” email series. Provides content for high-impact seasonal financial decisions.

  • Access Jeff Hulett’s YouTube channel, for short podcasts covering “Decisions” curriculum

In this VidCast, we demonstrate WHY the investment Barbell Strategy works!

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