For TCV Contributors

The Curiosity Vine Mission, Objectives, and Supporting Agreements

Our contributors are critical to the success of The Curiosity Vine ("TCV")! This document's purpose is to provide helpful context for our contributors.

Our TCV mission is to encourage realization and growth of our natural curiosity. We pursue our mission with the following objectives:

  • Excellent thinking and exposition

  • Clear objectivity

  • Topic independence

To meet our objectives, we ask contributors to respect these guidelines:

  1. The contributor agrees contribution subject matter will be complimentary to existing TCV content subject matter.

  2. The contributor agrees TCV contributions will be approved by the TCV curator.

  3. The contributor agrees we all "Stand On The Shoulders Of Giants." As such, any non original contributions and related facts will be properly attributed.

  4. The contributor agrees to abide by TCV's style guide.

  5. The contributor agrees content creation is not political.

  6. The contributor agrees to avoid content creation that in any way promotes "Any-ism." (Any = Racism, Misogynism, Sexism, Ageism, or, .... etc.)

  7. The contributor agrees to respond promptly to any public inquiries related to their TCV content.

  8. The contributor agrees that all TCV content maybe promoted in various public mediums at the direction of the TCV curator.

  9. The contributor agrees TCV content maybe promoted on contributor directed media channels and as approved by the TCV curator.

TCV Mission Objectives Agreements
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TCV_Style guide
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