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Big Congrats- your CPA is official!

Well Done!

I just got the word my son, Joshua Hulett, and many of his contemporaries just received their CPA. It caused me to reflect back on the whole extraordinary process.....

“It is a relentless grind” - This sums up my observations related to the public accounting education process, with the culmination of completing the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam requirements. This includes: 4 years of undergrad, 1 year of grad to get an MSA, 6 months of intensive boot camp CPA training, 4 rigorous tests, then a year of intensive professional experience.

These young men and women are ready for the business world! They have demonstrated extraordinary resilience. Including, the ability to perform under intense pressure, build helping and long lasting relationships, being a productive part of a team, and the stamina to survive busy season.

Having direct experience with the Big 4 recruiting process, I am very thankful for the opportunities these students received. There are many people and organizations supporting these students through the process.

For example, the James Madison University Accounting program is excellent, regularly rating at or near the top for America’s CPA pass rate. (Thank you Dr Richardson and all the JMU leadership, faculty, and staff!)

KPMG does very well supporting the students, including externships, internships, leadership development, recruiting support, and CPA test materials. Plus a very good job once they successfully complete the process! (Thank you Phil Bennett and all the many KPMGers dedicating “extra time” to recruiting)

To my son, I saw you through the tough times. The months studying in our basement and the many years of consistent performance. All with (mostly) a good natured smile on your face! Well done! You are ready!

Jeff Hulett

(p.s., and don’t forget to keep up with your CPEs!)

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