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Before sending / posting an email, blog, facebook post, tweet or any other digital media, answer the following questions:

  • Do my words break any laws?

  • Is my behavior consistent with our faith?

  • Are my actions the right thing to do? (when no one is looking)

  • Do my actions represent reasonable judgment?

  • Would I feel confident I could explain my words if they were made public? (For example, to my school principal, boss, or parents?)

Remember, using digital media creates a PERMANENT record. What you write today

may be discovered for the rest of your life. 


When the kids were younger, I posted this warning near their computer and near where they kept their phone. It was a reminder that they need to be mindful when they interact with social media. We also used this as a conversation starter if we did see a questionable posting.  The last dot point is probably the most effective, as it forces one out of their own environment and causes one to consider effects through the lense of an authority figure. 


In the Date to Speak book by Nossel, this would fall under her 1st principle, Be Conscientious with Language. 

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