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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

I owe my parents gratitude for providing a childhood where exploration and curiosity were not just encouraged but expected. I find exploration to be one of life’s great gifts, both soothing and satisfying. 

These writings are like a vine, growing naturally in many different directions. Some growing quickly, some connecting and overlapping, some long and narrow, and some dying off. All the vines are energized and informed by curiosity. 

I ask you, gentle reader, to consider these writings as shoots of the vine. Feel free to add your thoughts, share, or otherwise make use as it may help you. 

Jeff Hulett, Curator

The Curiosity Vine

My thanks and appreciation: 


To my family and friends that provided encouragement and feedback…. Your patience is inspiring!


To my friends at James Madison University’s Biz Lab…. I appreciate working with you to stand up the site!

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