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Treasury Rates Update: March 2nd, 2023

For the past week, 10 Year Treasury rates were up 20bp. For two weeks they were up 27bp. There did not appear to be any individual material changes to key economic metrics to cause the 9bp and 13bp increases.


Red line is the most current rate while the green line is from one week ago.

Longer-term rates were UP ~ 20bp for the week.

The yield curve increased but continues to be inverted.


March 2 thru March 9, 2023 -- Upcoming Week’s Data that Could Impact Treasury and Mortgage Rates

  • Monthly data updates in blue - NONE in this upcoming week

  • Weekly data on Unemployment Claims and Mortgage rates - Thursdays


WEEKLY: Unemployment claims are available each THURSDAY. They have been increasing since the Fed announced its intention to increase interest rates to address inflation concerns. As the weekly claim filings increase, it will eventually slow the growth of the MONTHLY Net New Jobs total.


WEEKLY Mortgage rates are available each THURSDAY. Rates rocket up and feather down.

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