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Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet - building the success mindset

My name is Jeff Hulett, I am a decision confidence builder.  I am a behavioral economist and have been in banking and financial services most of my career.  I am also a faculty member at James Madison University, and I am a personal finance author. 

Today, we kickoff our monthly series on Success.  All month long, we explore the habits and behaviors of success.  Not the least of which is good decision-making coming from a consistent, repeatable decision process.  My book, Making Choices, Making Money, is full of suggestions and provides smartphone tools to help you make the best decisions.

‘Luck is where preparation and opportunity meet’ is an aphorism by the Roman senator and Stoic philosopher Seneca. It is one of my favorite aphorisms. I have seen it play out in many contexts, over time, for me and for others. I agree with the aphorism, but I also believe there is more to it.  Also, luck sometimes gets a bad wrap.  People may think of dumb luck. 

Today, we show you how to put luck to work for you.  Luck has an element of pursuit energy that goes beyond preparation and opportunity.  Plus, we need to be adaptable in our opportunity pursuits.  Today, we will explore the many habits leading to success.

About the author: Jeff Hulett is a career banker, data scientist, behavioral economist, and choice architect. Jeff has held banking and consulting leadership roles at Wells Fargo, Citibank, KPMG, and IBM. Today, Jeff is an executive with the Definitive Companies. He teaches personal finance at James Madison University and provides personal finance seminars. Check out his new book -- Making Choices, Making Money: Your Guide to Making Confident Financial Decisions -- at

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