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Helping homebuyers with Down Payment Assistance programs: Interview with Mike Romano and Jeff Hulett

Hi all!  Welcome to Personal Finance Reimagined.  We are a personal finance and decision-making education platform.  My name is Jeff Hulett, your host for today’s vidcast interview.  I am the founder of PFR.


All month long, we have been focused on Home buying.  We started with the $9 million of estimated value you could create for your retirement via home ownership.  We explored being adaptable and the many strategies for getting on the homeownership ladder.  We walked through the home buying process with decision technology to help you be confident you will make the best decision. 

Today, we wrap up homebuying month with an interview discussion about one of the most challenging aspects of homebuying – coming up with the down payment needed to buy your home.

I couldn’t be more excited to have Mike Romano join us today.  Mike is an executive with Stairs Financial, a down payment assistance marketplace.  Mike’s Mortgage and homebuying experience is vast.  Mike has worked for mortgage lenders, like Wells Fargo and for mortgage tech and marketplace firms like Lendsnap, Signia documents, and credible.

Mike has also been in mortgage consulting, having worked for 2 of the 4 big 4 firms – PwC and KPMG.  I was fortunate to have worked with Mike at KPMG.


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