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Adaptability and capturing the winds of luck

Updated: Jan 23

Today, I will show you how to put luck to work for you.  Luck has an element of pursuit energy that goes beyond preparation and opportunity.  Plus, we need to be adaptable in our opportunity pursuits.  In the last vidcast, I introduced 2 friends to help us with adaptability.  Those friends are Stanford entrepreneurship program leader Tina Seelig and Venture Capitalist Natalie Fratto.   I will be integrating some of their amazing thinking to help explain my success framework. 

3 BIG IDEAS for making luck work for you. Getting the most out of your luck is like raising a sail for a sailboat.  It needs to be the right size and turned in the right direction to create forward momentum! To manage your sail, please consider:  

  • Taking thoughtful risks and getting out of your comfort zone

  • Encouraging appreciation like the currency for building a strong network

  • Empowering ideas as resources to be nurtured, not inconveniences to be judged.

3 BIG IDEAS for being adaptable:

  • Do you ask future-focused “what if” questions?

  • How flexible are you with active unlearning and belief updating?

  • Are you an explorer?

About the author:  Jeff Hulett is a career banker, data scientist, behavioral economist, and choice architect. Jeff has held banking and consulting leadership roles at Wells Fargo, Citibank, KPMG, and IBM. Today, Jeff is an executive with the Definitive Companies. He teaches personal finance at James Madison University and provides personal finance seminars. Check out his new book -- Making Choices, Making Money: Your Guide to Making Confident Financial Decisions -- at

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